We are here to make sure the rights of the accused are upheld. We believe that our clients are innocent until proven guilty. Criminal charges no matter the extent, should be dealt with in a timely way.

It is crucial to find the right lawyer to represent you after being arrested for a criminal offense, even a traffic violation. With numerous court appearances, rigid deadlines, and a myriad of procedures, the process can appear frustrating and bewildering.

In additional to possible jail time and fines, DUI charges pose additional threats to your ability to drive and significant increases to your auto insurance (even doubling the costs in some instances). These cases involve specific scientific tests and special evidence issues beyond the scope of the “average” criminal matter. When charged with a DUI offense, you may face a narrow window of time to prevent the suspension of your driver’s license even prior to being convicted of the charge. This Administrative License Suspension process has a separate court system and judge. It may even require a court appearance in a different county from where you were originally charged. It also involves a different legal standard than “beyond a reasonable doubt.” We can begin the process of halting such an automatic and detrimental suspension of your license.

Each case, regardless of the charge, is important and significant to our clients and to us. If you have been charged with a crime or are under investigation by legal authorities relating to possible criminal charges, contact us to talk about your case.